What is Tonightish?


Tonightish is a free iPhone app and a new way for parents to expand their circle of trusted sitters by sharing their list of babysitters with friends and vice versa.  For sitters, Tonightish is an effortless way to get job referrals.

When you need a sitter, you select a day and time and the sitters in your circle that you want us to notify about the job.   We’ll send your sitters a text with the job details – including how they’re connected to you – and they reply “yes” if they want the job or “no” if they’re unavailable.  We show you all sitter responses and you pick the sitter you want to book.  It's that easy!

Our Story

The mom of a 2-year-old, Susie Kroll left Amazon last year to solve a problem that she shared with many new parents... she didn't know enough sitters to easily book someone trustworthy to care for her daughter on short notice. That's when the idea for Tonightish hit her: she and her friends combined knew lots of great sitters!  Why not share resources?  In September 2012, she incorporated Tonightish and set out to make families more spontaneous.  

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