How does Tonightish work for sitters?

No app required

Tonightish uses text to confirm your availability, so you do not need to download an app.  When a family you work for or one of their friends needs a sitter, you will receive a text message with the date and time.  If you are available, all you need to do is reply YES to the text.  

Sitter profiles

Once you complete your profile, parents will see your picture, how they know you (e.g. Christine Smith's sitter), your age, and your rate for the number of children they have.  We plan to offer more detailed profiles in the future, but first, we want to understand what parents want to see and how sitters want to express themselves. 

Stop and start

You can stop receiving text messages from Tonightish at any time by texting STOP to (206) 866-6739.  To resume receiving job requests, text START.  

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